THAI AMULET Butterfly 蝴蝶佛牌(珍藏佛牌)

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Butterfly Buddha is a famous Buddha in Thailand. Its main function is to increase personnel, especially the emotional effect is the most obvious


There are various pollen and sandalwood in the production materials of the Butterfly Buddha brand. Wearing the Butterfly Buddha brand will emit a natural fragrance and have a special charm. After making the Buddha card, the master will bless by chanting, giving the Buddha card elf strength. In addition, the current butterfly brand is also very exquisite, very suitable for girls' clothing, and also very attractive in appearance.
In making butterfly cards, many Cuban Gishna masters have added red, blue, and green gemstones. Through the master ’s blessing of chanting, the effect of the wearer ’s wealth is enhanced.
Enhance personal charm
For girls in the mainland now, it is a very good choice to ask for wealth, attract people, and increase heterosexual relationships. The Butterfly Buddha card has become one of the most popular Buddha cards in the Mainland. While increasing self-confidence, the personal aura has also increased a lot.


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