THAI AMULET SOMDET 百年順迪佛牌 for healthy /Fortune/career/safe

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Chongdi Buddha is known as the "King of Buddha" and is also known as "Life-saving Buddha". It is one of the most famous Buddhas in Thailand and the world. Chongdi is the most lofty meaning in Buddhism status. It was created by Sankarasu, one of the masters of Chongdi Phra Bodhidharma, about 2360. The earliest Chongdi Buddha card created by him has no face, and the throne is three layers, representing the three worlds of heaven, earth and people. There were five, seven, and nine floors of the Chongdi Buddha brand that appeared later. In recent years, there are eleven and thirteen floors. The soil, pollen, shell leaf ash, monk's hair, and robes of the temple are the best materials for making Buddhist cards. Then ask the monks of the famous temple to practice the Buddhist statues and chant the blessings. Since the Chongdi Buddha card can protect peace, ward off evil spirits, avoid danger, block disasters, and help others, all those who wear the Chongdi Buddha card will be blessed by the gods as long as they have good intentions. Wishful

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