THAI AMULET 泰国大师龙婆托 佛牌(Luang Pu Thuad)保佑人驾车平安

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泰国大师龙婆托(Luang Pu Thuad)有多神?  



How divine is the Thai master Luang Pu Thuad?

According to legend, in Thailand, Thai people like to wear or hang Buddha badges on their necks and in cars. In all traffic accidents throughout Thailand, there has never been a Buddha's badge with LP. Wearing it or carrying it on your body can almost guarantee that there will be no accidents in the traffic, at least you can escape from death, and it is more life-saving than airbags. Known as the god of traffic safety and safety, "Long Po Tuo".

在泰国最出名的佛牌,除了崇迪佛牌、四面神佛牌,还有龙婆托佛牌。在泰国基本上处处可 见龙婆托Long Por Thuat的铜像、雕像、护身符、画像等,泰国的很多家庭也都喜欢供奉龙婆托的圣像。据泰国的交通部调查统计,泰国所有交通意外死亡事故中,从来没有发现过佩戴龙婆托自身佛牌的善信,最严重的也只是重伤而已。因此很多泰国人都认为,只要诚心佩戴龙婆托的自身像佛牌,都能够帮助做正当行业的人平安,事业发达。同时,很多人也习惯在车里面放上一尊龙婆托佛牌保平安。

挡灾、避险、保命为龙婆托自身牌最主要的功效,能够保佑人驾车平安,令人长命,防小人 陷害能避灾。

Among the most famous Buddha cards in Thailand, in addition to the Chongdi Buddha card, the four-sided god Buddha card, as well as the Dragon Buddha card. There are basically bronze statues, statues, amulets, and portraits of Long Por Thuat everywhere in Thailand. Many families in Thailand also like to enshrine the iconostasis. According to the survey statistics of the Ministry of Transport of Thailand, in all traffic accident fatalities in Thailand, the good faith of wearing the Buddha's own Buddha card has never been found, and the most serious thing is only serious injuries. Therefore, many Thais believe that as long as they wear Long Po Tuo's self-like Buddha card, they can help those who are in the right industry to have a safe and well-developed career. At the same time, many people are also accustomed to putting a LP Buddha in the car to ensure safety.

Disaster prevention, risk avoidance, and life protection are the main functions of Long Po's own brand, which can help people drive safely and make people live longer.

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