Smartphone Gaming sheet COOLING PAD Mobile phone heat cooler protector stickers

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"A cooling pad"  is a cooling sheet to let a mobile device becoming hot make cool-down as much as I use it. It becomes the battery saving by lowering temperature of the battery and is the convenient seat which the electromagnetic wave intercepts.

●Battery cooling
As much as I use the Internet, a game, an animation, the battery temperature of the mobile device rises.
I only complete a cooling pad on the part becoming hot of the terminal, and approximately 5 degrees Celsius temperature falls.

●Electromagnetic wave block
The graphite (black lead) intercepts the electromagnetic wave which is released a lot by a temperature rise of the battery in a characteristic of the material and can use a terminal comfortably.

●Battery saving
You prevent the battery consumption by the temperature rise and are saved the battery and can use a terminal for a longer time.

●Patent acquisition new material
The reason of the chilling effect is special material.
I process the particle of the graphite (black lead) having a low temperature property former stone and do it in a seat type. Match a carbon sheet with a graphite sheet and is the cooling sheet that improved a thermal conductivity to the vertical direction.

●It supports various apparatuses
I can complete it in a smartphone, a tablet PC, battery and a battery cover, the case of the terminals such as game consoles, the terminal body.

・You stick it on this honor on the battery in the body or battery side, and please use it.
・Because this product is strong in the adhesion, a part of the adhesion department may be left to the body when I tear it off. The person anxious puts a protection film, protection sheet, and please stick this product from the top.
・When you are used together with a case, please purchase the materials, thickness, size in confirmation.
・When abnormal heat generation takes place after having stuck this product, please tear off this product promptly.
・Please never bring it close to fire.
・At the time of the use of this product, we cannot take responsibility about a wound, the trouble of the apparatus at all.
・Please put it out of reach of children on the occasion of storage.

■Product specifications
・A model number (Jan cord): MT7836(4580492328364)
・Material: Graphite (black lead)

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