Nintendo Switch Somatosensory Vibration Game Handle Wireless USB Pro Controller Gamepad PC Windows

RM 139.00 RM 169.00

1. Material: PC
2. Battery capacity: 550mAh 3.7V
3. Rated working current: 35mA
4. Charge for 2 hours and play for 8 hours
5. LED light indication + transparent light guide parts, charging status at a glance
6. Wireless connection, easy to use
7. Support multiple handles connected at the same time, smooth switching
8. Gaming level touch switch, sensitive operation
9. T-position key supports continuous speed adjustment
10. Built-in asymmetric dual motor vibration to enhance game substitution
11. Size: 156.2x101x64.8mm
12. Weight: 207.5g2-3.jpg

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