Monster M2000 Hdmi 1.4 Hdtv 1080p 4k X 2k Hdmi Cable

RM 69.90

Engineered using exclusive technology and proprietary materials, it provides the flagship m series cable for the highest hdmi vision and sound resolution, now and in the future Get all the bandwidth you 'll feel need: Even for a massive 4kx2k screen! 4kx2k screens provides four times the 1080p tv resolution to show the blinding equivalent of current digital theaters. It 's four times the need for speed and elite 2000hd monster gives full experience. Reproducing all colors your camera and camcorder can catch on your hdtv Showing movies and photos on your hdtv in all colors of life cameras and camcorders can capture calls for higher bandwidth cables today like 2000hd monsters. Support for audio back channel: Better sound, less cable Compressed surround sound transfer from your hdtv with digital tuner to av receiver or surround sound control. No additional audio cable is needed. M2000hd for hdmi lifetime warranty Your advanced cable monster for hdmi is covered by lifetime warranty monsters forever full, the best warranty in the business. See packaging for details. M2000hd for hdmi performance capabilities: 4k x 2k resolution Highest definition video Allows home theater owners with advanced av sources and displays to achieve the same high resolution definition of images as those from commercial digital theaters.

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