IPLAY wireless back button PS4 controller game handlebar expansion accessory PS4 burst

RM 169.00

1. Product introduction: This product is a PS4 handle extended definition button. Add handle to set burst function. Does not include PS4 handle shown in the figure. With this product, you can also have a hot key definition function for your handle. .PS4 controller expansion button for PS4 DualShock4 controller 2. Without micro charging port and 3 5mm audio interface 3. Packaging specifications: PS4 controller expander X1, micro data cable 3MX1 4. This product needs to be connected to the micro data cable for normal use (In other words, it can only be used in wired mode) The product must be plugged in the whole process. Second, the operating instructions: 1.①②③④Expansion button 2.⑤LED indicator 3.⑥TURBO button 4. ①②③④Extension button is factory default corresponding to L1, 12, R1, R2 5. After the user customizes the settings, the next time it is used, the default setting is saved as the last setting key value (no longer the default L1, L2, R1, R2) 6. The extended custom function key is A, 10 function keys B, XY, L1, L2, R1, R2, L3, R3 7. Setting mode: Press and hold 4 expansion keys at the same time ①②③④ Continuously for 3 seconds, 2 LED indicators enter slow flashing, then hold down the handle AB,XYL112.R1R2,13.R3 any key or multiple keys + any extension key, the two indicator lights flash quickly, indicating that the setting is completed 8. When setting the left extension key, the left LED1 flashes quickly, set the right When the expansion key is on, the LED2 on the right flashes quickly 9. Close the setting mode: press and hold the four expansion keys 

①②③④ continuously for 3 seconds, the two LED indicators turn off, and the setting mode turns off immediately. TURBO burst setting mode: 1. Press simultaneously Press the TURBO button +A, B, X, Y, L1, L2, R1, R2 any one button, the indicator will flash quickly, indicating that the currently pressed key has opened the TURBO burst function, the extended button ①②③④ does not support burst function 2 .Clear the TURBO function, repeat the settings-the current key TURBO function, that is, cancel the current function key TURBO burst with packaging size: 10.3*3.4*13.3cm with packaging weight: 127g naked 100g


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