iPhone X Silicone Case TPU fits very well in the hand and is Ultra thin transparent case

RM 5.00

Protective cover in Apple Style

The TPU case for the iPhone X is fully in line with the spirit of all Apple products: full functionality with the best design. The transparent, silicone-like TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) which makes it easier to pull the phone out of the pocket or put it in the protective case. The crystal clear transparency of the case reveals the great design of the iPhone X. Of course, the specially designed for the device shell has recesses for all controls and ports.

Protective cover with extra functions

On the inside of the protective cover is a multitude of tiny nubs. They allow a micro-ventilation between the iPhone X and the case and thus a quick removal of the resulting operating heat. By the way: Did you know that the X stands for the Roman numeral 10 in the name of the new iPhone? One speaks therefore of the "iPhone ten".

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