hpb wave 1s motion sensor control mobile phone controller bluetooth smart home car

RM 399.00

Product Specifications
Detect distance: 7~13 cm (from cover glass)
Detect angle: 42 degrees (vertical & horizontal, from sensor center)
BLE connection distance: Max. 5m
Status LED indicator: BLE connected blue LED on, low power red
Power source: 2 AAA Alkaline batteries, DC3V 0.5A;
Battery life: 3 to 4 months under normal operations
Dimension: Dia. 65.9mm: Depth 21.6mm (without car air vent clip)
Frequency : 2.4GHz Power : 1.5W
Bluetooth Pairing
Get your Wave1S device ready:
Insert two AAA Alkaline batteries, where the positive(+) aligns
the (+) on the device. Put the lid on correctly as shown in the
picture below. Blue LED will blink for 30 seconds. If not paired
or connected, LED will be off.
For iOS
To set up your phone, go to
SettingsGeneralAccessibilityCall Audio Routing, select
"Bluetooth Headset".
Device Pairing:
1. Go to Settings of your iPhone and turn on Bluetooth. iOS
system will scan devices automatically. At "Other devices"
you may find several Bluetooth devices, select
2. System will pop out a pair request dialog box and choose
"Pair". Wave 1S will be paired and connected. Blue LED
will be on.
3. Please double check the Bluetooth, "Wave1S-xxxx" is
connected in your "My Devices" list.
For Android
1. Scan the QR code below or go to your "Play Store" for
2. Wave" APP installation.
3. Upon completion, click "Yes" to turn on Bluetooth.
4. In the "SettingsSound & NotificationNotification
access", select "hpb wave".
5. In the "SettingsAccessibility", turn hpb wave to "ON".
Device Pairing:
Start hpb wave APP. Click on "Connection Setting" to search
for available device "Wave 1S-xxxx" and select it.
More functions on hpb wave App:
Unpair: To remove the device, click "unpair".
Search Connection: Click to search available device
nearby. If yes, you will see "Wave1S-xxxx is
Audio Output: There are options for your choice.
"Mobile Phone": audio out from your mobile phone
"Mobile Speakerphone (voice only)": audio out from your
mobile phone speaker
"Other Devices": it will go to phone system to allow you
connect your target BT devices.

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