HOLTS Wondarweld Heavy Duty Engine Crack Repair 250ml

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What is Wondarweld?
Wondarweld is a seriously heavy duty repair product for use in your cooling system. Extreme leaks in cylinder head gaskets and engine blocks can be expensive to have repaired at a garage, but with the right know-how, Wondarweld lets you carry out the repairs at home.

You can trust Wondarweld to seal leaks safely without causing damage or clogging the system, getting you back on the road.

Read the instructions on the back of pack carefully and DO NOT pour into Engine/Motor oil.
Permanently seals cracked cylinder blocks as well as internal and external leaks in the water jacket
Suitable for iron, steel and aluminium engines
Prevents the need for engine rebuild

Where do I add Wondarweld to my car?
You pour Wondarweld into the cylinder head outlet. Never pour Wondarweld into oil. Before using Wondarweld, there are important steps that you should take. You need to empty and flush the entire cooling system with plenty of water. Then remove the top hose from the cylinder head outlet and the thermostat. Replace these after you’ve added Wondarweld.

Price per bottle (250ml)


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