Extra人参 鸡骨茶 Chicken Soup 50g 增加抵抗力,血液循環,补血,增强免疫,祛風濕 (3 years shelf life) (Halal Certified)

RM 15.90

  • PACK :9556236 807001
    ITEM DIM:140mm x 190mm
    YCH CODE: 000807




    Strengthen Immune System
    Helps blood circulation
    Restore Hormones and Glands
    Strengthens Body Defence
    Helps in Rheumatism


    “Regimen Specialist”Yew Chian Haw,Our functional food is special through its distinctive feature whereby all the ingredients are ready-packed and easy to cook
    *Pure vegetarians, Halal, HACCP, Made in Malaysia
    *Allergic -*You can eat with rice and noodles
    *Storage method – store in cold and dry place
    *Life Span – 3 years
    *Colour of soup- cream yellow
    *Flavor – herb flavor

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