Dobe PS5 Multifunctional Cooling Stand Compatible Digital Physical Cooling Fan Game Slot DualSense Charging

RM 78.00

Compact Design
The stand stores your PS5 console, DualSense wireless controllers, and games vertically, saves much room to keep your accessories organized and it is super easy to set up and use. Game storage bracket is retractable. Keeps your accessories within reach.

Cooling System
The vertical stand offers a great air flowing system beside the dock, this will help dissipate heat and increase the PS5 console overall lifetime.

Controller Charger Station
If you have more than one gaming controller, but you don't have enough charger or charging cables, our vertical stand is perfect for you, there are 2 charging slots for controllers, giving you more choices.

- Designed for both PS5 Console and Digital Edition
- Cooling fans
- Easy to charger
- 11 Storage slots

Product Size :
- 230 x 30 x x 230
package size :
- 240 x 40 x 241

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