Cooling Fan Game Controller Cooling Fan Fast Charging Station Dock Stand 3 In 1 For PS4 SLIM PRO Controller

RM 59.00

Bullet Points:

1、The product is suitable for PS4/PRO/SLIM controller.

2、Can charge 2 gamepads at the same time.

3、With 4 USB ports, the base has 3 powerful fan cooler systems.

4、The base can hold 13 game cards.

5、Cooling fan + disc holder + double charging 3-in-1.


The product is suitable for PS4/PRO/SLIM controller.

Can charge 2 gamepads at the same time.

With 4 USB ports, the base has 3 powerful fan cooler systems.

The base can hold 13 game cards.

Cooling fan + disc holder + double charging 3-in-1.


Charging station x1

Charging cable x1

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