(Original) Hori Portable USB hub Fast Charging Charge Stand For Nintendo Switch

RM 89.00 RM 139.00

  • Folding type charging stand where you can connect peripheral devices anywhere and play.
  • It has four USB ports, and you can use it by connecting peripheral devices such as wired controller, keyboard, LAN adapter and so on. * When AC adapter is connected.
  • Using the genuine "Nintendo Swich AC Adapter", you can charge Nintendo Swich body while playing in table mode.
  • Adjustable to any angle between 0 and 60 at any angle (recommended angle is 30 to 60) There is a stand function that can change the angle, and you can play with an easy-to-see angle.
  • Compact and convenient to carry around. When carrying it protects the terminal by opening and closing the stand part, so it is safe to carry.

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