(Original) Comica CVM-VS09 TC Smartphone Microphone Cardioid Flexible Shotgun Video Microphone Type-C Smart Phones

RM 259.00

Comica CVM-VS09 TC Professional Mini Flexible Cardioid Condenser Directional Shotgun Mic for TYPE-C/ USB-C Smartphone is made of full-metal and comes with a super anti-interference feature. Installed with a professional built-in mic, it helps you make clearer and vivid video recording.


Please Note:

1. To avoid any interference, please make sure WIFI on your phone is set to off, and the best condition is in flight mode.

2. For the Android system smartphone, the mic works well in audio Mode. While in video mode, please try to use a video app from a third party if you find your smartphone doesn’t work.

3. Please don’t put the device next to heat or an interference source, like a radiator, a roaster or an air-conditioner.

4. Don’t communicate by phone during the audio recording; it will cause extra signal interference. For the IOS system smartphone (iPhone), the mic works well either in audio or video mode.

5. Please keep this product in a dry environment.

6. Do not expose this device to rain or a moist environment.

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