(Original) COMICA CVM-V05 Mic Microphone LIVE Camera, Gopro and Smartphone

RM 138.00

he Comica Audio CVM-V05 is a multifunction single lavalier microphone offering clear voice capture and real-time monitoring for interviews, live-streaming, and videography. Designed for use with an array of devices, the CMV-V05 features a three-position switch that allows easy selection of its smartphone- or DSLR-compatible modes, as well as an "Off" position for conserving the battery. Add up to 10 dB of gain via the stepless volume control.

Attach the omnidirectional lav mic to your subject, hook the control unit to your belt, then connect its 3.5mm TRRS jack to your mobile device or camera. Thanks to the control unit's 3.5mm headphone output, real-time monitoring is as simple as plugging in a set of headphones. With over 16' of cable between the microphone and your smartphone/DSLR, you can maintain proper shooting distance without extension cables. Enhanced shielding mitigates interference for optimal signal transfer, and the included windscreen reduces wind/clothing noise and plosives.

Ideal for recording speech and monitoring audio simultaneously

Up to 10 dB of gain via stepless gain control

3-position switch for simple off/smartphone/DSLR mode selection

Omnidirectional lavalier microphone with 12.4' cable

Shielding mitigates interference and reduces noise

3.9' cable with 3.5mm TRRS mini jack connects to your mobile device or DSLR camera

3.5mm stereo headphone output on control unit allows real-time headphone monitoring

Powered via one CR2032 3V battery

LED indicator turns red when the battery is running low, or remains green under normal working conditions

Collar clip enables secure attachment of the mic to clothing

Back-panel clip for affixing control unit to a belt or bag

Included windscreen reduces wind/clothing noise and plosives

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