(High Quality) AAA-Shocks Analogstick Aim Assistance Shock Absorbers Famous Swiss F.P.S. Controller Add-On PS4 PS3 Xbox

RM 39.00

Product description

Analogstick Aim Assistance Shock Absorbers (AAA-Shocks) are an easy to use and highly effective controller upgrade for shooter and racing games such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, Need for Speed, etc.

Due to the unique shape and foam of the AAA-Shocks, the analog stick’s resistance is increased (adjustable from light to strong). As a result, controls are much smoother and more precise, enabling you to aim and drive more accurately than ever before.

Only the AAA-Shocks let you adjust your analog stick’s resistance without taking your controller apart. (This means you will not void your warranty!)

It fits the original Xbox 360 controller and can be combined with all common US-controller modifications such as the “Avenger Controller”, “Kontrol Freeks”, etc. (If you use modified sticks – i.e. sticks longer than the original – check out AAA-Shocks for PlayStation 3).

A Veterans Starter Kit contains 6 different AAA-Shocks: three different strengths (light=white, regular=yellow and dark matter=black), each in two different sizes (compact and full). Try AAA-Shocks and you'll never want to play without them again. German gaming clans, such as Hardcore Division Germany, ChillEx, M.I.G., Nize Gaming, are already hooked on AAA-Shocks! (See amazon.de [Germany] for more enthusiastic customer reviews)

  • Perfect for first person shooter games like Battlefield and Call of Duty
  • Effective shock absorber: AAA-Shocks increases your analog stick’s resistance which allows for much smoother movements
  • Precise aiming and steering – precision increases up to 20%
  • Easy to use – no screwing or tinkering / Fair play – no cheating device
  • It works! Check out amazon.de or AAA-Shocks.com for more customer reviews.

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