(GRADE A) Wireless Controller Gamepad Converter USB Receiver for Xbox Switch Pro PS4 PS5 PC Bluetooth Adapter

RM 49.00

• Suitable for switch, PC computer, Android box, P4, P5, switch pro, xbox one s/x controller can be connected on these platforms.

• This product is a Bluetooth handle receiver, suitable for wireless handles to connect to the host. Insert the receiver into the PC host or NS host base, and after the Bluetooth handle is successfully paired and connected, you can control the handle. Next time you use the automatic connection, a receiver is connected to a Bluetooth handle, and the transparent light guide emits blue light when the receiver is working.

• This product has strong connection compatibility, is compact and portable, and is easy to use.

Code key: used to switch the mode and state of the light display receiver at this time.

The product is plugged into the device, the LED light flashes slowly in the back-connection mode, press the pairing button, the product enters the Bluetooth device pairing mode, and the transparent light guide at the rear of the product has a blue light display during pairing.

LED light flashes slowly: indicates that the Bluetooth device is not connected, or enters the search mode of the connection back state

LED light flashes quickly: the receiver enters the pairing state, and it is searching for settings to connect

LED light is always on: indicates that the receiver has successfully connected with the Bluetooth device


Applicable products: for switch/PC/Android box

Scope of application: Bluetooth converter

Material: ABS

Interface type: USB

Product size: 4.3×1.6×9.5cm

Product weight: 27g

Package Included:


Product type: Game Hardware

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