(GRADE A) Waterproof Motorcycle 2 in 1 Fuel Gauge Meter Tachometer RPM Gauge Digital LED Indicator Motorbike Instrument

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DC 12V Motorcycle 2 in 1 Tachometer RPM Gauge Fuel Level Gauge Meter Waterproof With Digital LED Indicator Motorbike Instrument

Description: Input Voltage: DC 12V Dial diameter:50mm(2”) Overall diameter:62mm(2-7/16") Wire Length: Approx. 30cm(11.8'') Wire Connection: Red-positive,Black-negative,Yellow-oil sensor signal,Green- picks up speed signal 1. If connect two white wires is for scooters with resistance 33 ohm-560 ohm 2. If two white wires are not connected,will for the motorcycle with resistance 8 ohms to 98 ohms. Waterproof aftermarket part Tachometer and Fuel Gauge combined into one LED indicator display: Blue(speed),Red(fuel level) Bright & accurate reading, easy viewing at all angles during lighting conditions


Universal fit for any motorcycles(Not Work if your motorcycle doesn't have fuel sensor)

Tachometer installation and debugging method:

1.Connect the positive and negative pole to power supply correctly. 2.Turn on the electric door switch,tachometer will display to 0,and then let the signal line touch the positive pole of power supply. If the digital display changes,it can work normally. 3.Connect the signal cable,start the car,and then it can display speed

Fuel gauge installation and debugging methods:

1.Connect the positive and negative pole to power supply correctly. 2.Turn on the electric door switch,fuel gauge displays a grid of red,and then connected signal line to the negative pole. Wait for a while,LED light will all light up slowly,indicating normal operation. 3.Connect the signal line, fill up,slowly adjust the potentiometer to make all the LED lights on. When oil runs out,slightly adjust potentiometer so as to make only one red LED light on.(Please note: The original fuel gauge can not be used together)

Package : 

1x LED tachometer&Fuel Gauge

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