(GRADE A) Car Halogen Lamp Universal 12V H3 55W White Light Super Bright Auto Front Headlight Fog Bulb Car Light Source

RM 13.90

  • Socket: H3

  • Light Color: Super White

  • Current: 4.3~4.8A

  • Power: 55W

  • Voltage: 12V

  • Quantity: 1

  • Material: Quartz

  • Application: Car Front Headlight

  • Features:
    - Xenon gas filled, more bright than ordinary halogen lamp.
    - Power saving, long service life.
    - Better reflections from road signs.
    - UV-CUT quartz glass for headlight protection, durable.
    - Deep blue coating to create intense light.
    - Good focus intensity and long distance illuminating.
    - Provides clearer view to driver but not affect to opposite driver which comply to motor vehicle safety requirement.
    - Simple and easy to install, replace original light bulbs and plug in.

  • Installation:
    - Disconnect battery cable.
    - Remove the plug from the harness that connects to the back of the blub.
    - Carefully remove the bulb, do not touch the lens.
    - Insert the bulb in reverse order of which the bulb was removed.
    - Fasten the cup or spring that hold the bulb in place.
    - Plug the harness in the back of bulb.
    - Reconnect battery cable.

  • Note:
    - This product supports all 12V models of the H3 base.

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