(Aluminium) Mobile Phone Super Cooler Cooling Radiator Semiconductor Fan Cold Wind Handle PUGB Phone IOS / Android

RM 69.90


Features: 1. Powerful heat sink: The cooling fan prevents the phone from overheating while playing the game console, extending the life of the phone and battery. 2. Water-cooled radiator: Compared with other coolers, this radiator game can be used for half an hour and can cool 10~30°C. It can effectively solve the problem of fever or power failure when using a mobile phone. 3. Applicable to all models of for iPhone / Android phone / tablet with a width of 65-85mm. Play a variety of games without worrying about fever. 4. The cooling radiator is powerful and equipped with a 1.5m USB data cable. Plug in the power to automatically turn on, and instantly cool. 5. Light weight and convenient, silicone mat on the edge of the cooler. Firmly absorb the phone to avoid the phone falling off and scratching. Specification: Name: Mobile Phone Radiator  Input voltage / current: 5V Input current: 1.5A-2A Speed: 7500 Material: ABS Colour: black Charging interface: Micro Model: width is about 65-85mm/2.56-3.35in Size: about 80*64*35mm/3.15*2.52*1.38in Weight: about 135g Packing List: 1*radiator 1*1.5m micro charging cable

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